Thursday, 18 October 2007

Commercial Property Investment- Your Way To Financial Freedom

Want to achieve financial freedom? Today, there are different ways of earning an extra income. One of which is investing in a commercial property. Investing in a commercial property is the one of the best way to achieve financial success. There are lots of people are engaged in this kind of business.

If you are interested to start investing in a commercial property, this manual will help you. Land Projects UK has a manual called The 7 Secrets of Commercial Property Success.Actually I got the chance to read this manual and it's worth spending my time reading with the said manual. I was convinced to invest in a commercial property. Why don't you try to read also?

The manual contains important information about commercial property investment. This explains what is commercial property. Also, it shows how investing in a commercial property can help you to earn more money in less effort. Another topic included in the manual is that it describes the all the process like legal process on how to buy a property. Also it covers the legal and tax implications that includes income tax, corporation tax, capital gains, inheritance tax, stamp duty, VAT and many other legal matters that involves in commercial property. Investment strategy and how to secure your finance deals were also discussed. Also you'll get a guide and useful information to start your investment using other peoples money. it covers formula for comparing potential investments taking into account various factors such as Yield, capital appreciation,covenant strength, lease length and rent reviews. Describes how you can invest without any deposit - true 100% finance deals are possible in this market. It also contains some great negotiating methods, whereby you can gain true win/win deals when negotiating to purchase. Has also some specific techniques for adding value to your investment by methods such as those I touched upon earlier - conversions, sub divides etc. It includes case studies of what colleagues of the author have achieved. Property leases and management were also included in the said manual.

The above mentioned were just some of the topics and information that are available in the said manual. The purpose of this manual is to help you to make money and to help you to save your time in doing some research and gathering information you need to know about commercial property investment. Everything you need to know about commercial property investment were included in the manual. This really helps if you want to earn money in commercial property.

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