Monday, 5 November 2007

See the Contents of The 7 Secrets of Commercial Property Success Manual

Investing in a commercial property could help you to make more money. Commercial property investment has lots of advantages. But before you decide to invest, do you have enough knowledge or information about commercial property investment?

If you don't have enough, then learn more about commercial property investment. Land Projects UK has a manual which called the 7 Secrets to Commercial Property Investment. This manual will really help you to understand in-depth and everything you need to know about property investment. And of course, common questions are answered. You'll learn the basics of commercial property. This manual is composed of 14 sections. And here are the overview of the manual.

Section 1, is the overview of what is commercial property investment. What are the advantages compared to other investments. Also what are the different choices of commercial property investments. Section 2, how does commercial property investment helps you get big income with less effort. Section 3, legal issues involves in commercial property were discussed. Section 4, explains the SIPP and REITs. This two have the important role in you investment plans. The benefits of SIPP and REITs were explained and discussed. Section 5, talks about the taxes and other legal matters that are involve in the commercial properties income tax, corporation tax capital gains tax, inheritance tax, stamp duty, VAT etc. And also how to lessen you tax payments. Section 6, explains on how you can secure your investments or your finance deals. also you'll understand the importance of cash flows. It includes also the strategies that you must apply in order to succeed. Section 7, is the start up guide. What are the steps you need in order to start and also how and why you should invest with other people money or OPM to get your investment started. Section 8, elaborates the different formula in comparing rental yields, capital appreciation,covenant strength, lease length and rent reviews. Section 9, talks on how yo start investing or to but a property without having any deposit. Section 10, explains on how you can get the best deals. You'll get tips on how to negotiate professionally. Section 11, is all about the techniques on how to you add value to your investments by using the methods and also there are available case studies that Jim Moore have achieved. Sections 12 and 13, explains the property management and property leases. In this sections you'll know how to manage a lease agreement. And the advantages of using a property management company to manage your properties for you. Section 14, shows how Jim Moore able to banked 20,000 a month system with nothing in the bank.

So, if you are interested to invest in a commercial property, this manual is the answer! All the information you need to know are covered in this manual. You don't need to look for other references.

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